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Hi, I’m Cynthia Hallanger, owner of CHallanger Coaching. Since 2001 I’ve been partnering with clients to create impressive changes in their personal and professional lives. My clients have learned new skills and strategies to overcome unproductive patterns, move forward from “stuckness” and get out of the “fog” of not knowing what they wanted.

The results have been exciting, and the skills gained continue to have an impact years later. Several of my pleased clients have even volunteered to discuss their successes with you!

If you are not satisfied with your life and are ready to work for MORE, I invite you to contact me. We can schedule a complimentary coaching consultation to discuss how you might benefit from my coaching programs.

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Participating in the coaching experience with Cynthia has been life changing. I gained extremely valuable skills that help me to focus on keeping commitments to myself and living in alignment with my personal value system. I continue to use these strategies on a daily basis to live each day to the fullest and be in the "now" of my life. I encourage anyone facing personal or career challenges to consider life coaching with Cynthia.
-- Ev Hopkins
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The number one reason
people come to coaching is a desire for change. Professional coaching provides a powerful, enjoyable process to help you more quickly reach your goals and to stretch beyond where you might strive on your own.  In other words, to take your life, career or business further, faster and with more fun!

Not sure if coaching is for you?

See if you recognize yourself in the following descriptions of CHallanger Coaching clients:
  •  Your life feels out of control, and you want to reclaim your time, your health and your happiness.
  • As a mid-life woman, your focus is shifting, and you are ready to build a life that brings out your best.
  •  You are a solo-preneur or small business owner who struggles with setting priorities to balance personal and business concerns.
  •  Your life is in transition,  perhaps a job or career change, divorce, children leaving home, or caring for aging parents and you want support and a new game plan to create the best outcomes.
  •  You have moved to a new area and want to construct a life that focuses on your values and interests, perhaps for the first time.
  •  Procrastination, perfectionism and negative thoughts and habits keep you from moving forward.         

The primary value for me in this coaching process has been to affirm & in some cases clarify what is really important to me in my life and to help me understand how to get out of my own way! It made me aware of thought processes that were not beneficial, and helped me find productive strategies for achieving my goals.
-- R&D Manager of a company in the top 100 of the Fortune 500 list.
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